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Our possessions are important to us, and when we are preparing to move we want to be sure they are handled with care through each and every step of the process. But what about those really large items, the items which carry a steep price take, or are even invaluable to us, like our pianos? Pianos can be one of the hardest items to get from one point to another during any relocation. They are heavy and awkward, and more often than not we have no idea where to begin to get it to our new home safely and soundly. If you need only the most skilled and experienced piano movers in Orange County contact Terry Moving today!


Terry Moving and Storage employs the finest team of professional movers in the business, and they have the skills and experience needed to move your piano successfully and without damage to your new location. We have the specific equipment needed to ensure your instrument is moved properly, without damage to the piece or to any part of your new home’s structure.


We can eliminate the high costs you may be charged by other less – than – dependable companies who may have let you down before. We have the knowledge and supplies needed to get your piano to your new location safe and sound! If you want to rest assured that you have the very best of Orange County piano movers on your side call the professionals at Terry Moving and Storage now!

By picking up your phone and getting in touch with us we will be able to visit with you and give you a solid, accurate estimate for the task at hand. You can depend on the rate we give you to remain the same, and you can count on your piano reaching its new home looking as beautiful as it did when we picked it up. Don’t worry about holes in the walls as a result of the move, either. Our professionals have been specifically trained in proper piano moving techniques, and they have everything they need to make sure your instrument and its surroundings are properly maintained during the move. Get in touch with Terry Moving and Storage right away for the very best piano movers in Orange County!

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Whether you purchased your piano new or it is a beloved heirloom, it is an important piece to us, and so it your home. Let us show you how a true professional team of piano movers works. You can depend on us to take care of things for you when it comes to moving your piano. Don’t worry about damage or loss; you don’t have to when you take advantage of our services.


We are your complete moving service, and your large, heavy piano is absolutely no exception. All you have to do to get the best rates and finest piano movers to take care of your needs in Orange County and the surrounding area is contact our pros at Terry Moving and Storage, so pick up your phone and make the call today!


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