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Moving can be an overwhelming job from beginning to end. With everything it entails the process can consume your time, energy, and funds like nothing else can. You can eliminate much of the stress that comes with relocating by using a professional company to take care of much of the job for you. If you are interested in finding quality professional packing movers in Orange County all you have to do is pick up your phone and contact Terry Moving & Storage now!


Terry Moving & Storage will provide you with every service you need to make your next move as hassle-free and successful as possible, all while taking care of everything from secure packing to relocating your belongs and unpacking them for you! The very best, most professional packing movers in Orange County are at Terry Moving, so call us today and let us show you how easy moving can really be!

Maybe you have shopped around with other moving companies and found that their rates are astronomical. Terry Movers will give you an accurate estimate, and you can enjoy paying a flat rate for your entire moving process. Let us do all the work while you take care of more important things, and don’t worry that you may be paying too much for sub-standard services. Our packing movers don’t come better than the pros at Terry Moving, so contact us and let us take care of things for you now!

At Terry Moving & Storage we will not only pack your things for you, but we will also provide the move with all necessary supplies for you! From boxes to bubble wrap and more, we have what you need to make your relocation fast and effective for you, your family, or your business. Don’t worry about trying to gather the things you need for safely packing your items; our packing supplies are included in your rate if you need them. We are the most complete packing movers Orange County has to offer, so call us at Terry Moving & Storage and let us get the job done right for you! You deserve a stress-free move! When you use our packing and moving services you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything you own is in safe hands

Closing a Box

Your things will make it to their destination in the condition they left in because we pack and move your belongings as if they are our own. We put all of our customers and their possessions first, and our professionals are highly trained in the very best packing techniques, ensuring that each and every item is properly wrapped and packed for the highest level of safety possible.


We take great care to make sure everything arrives in one piece, and we will even unpack your things for you. Take advantage of the very best packing movers and services in Orange County and the surrounding area by calling us at Terry Moving & Storage; you will never look for services with another moving or storage company again, so call for your accurate estimate now!


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