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Moving & Storage in the OC: We’re Flexing Our Muscles So You Don’t Have To

Terry Moving & Storage does all the heavy lifting

As summertime rolls, so does the moving hustle in Orange County, Corona, Chino Hills, and beyond. But don't sweat it—we’re going to break down your storage solutions and offer new customers an epic first-month free discount. We’re doing the strength training and the cardio when the heat is on… so you can kick back and enjoy the A/C. 

Cross-Training: Packing, Moving, Unpacking & Storage

Before we get into our storage solutions, let’s talk about how Terry Moving & Storage performs at the top level for all customers, no matter the size of the move. Our seasoned pros can do it all: pack, wrap, and secure your belongings with care. 

The (Bar) Bells and Whistles of Moving Storage in the OC vs. the Other Options

Whether it's your entire home, important collectibles, or just a few things that you just can't get rid of, our top-tier warehouses are climate-controlled, beating the heat and humidity; customers get easy 24/7 access, and there are secured state-of-the-art security cameras. You must have heard about the rise in storage theft recently. It's like having an on-site personal security team as your spotter—never letting the weight fall on you. And don’t forget about pests and rodent protection. Our exterminator team keeps those out, too. It’s as easy as ‘rest day’ every day. No worries!

Muscle Failure: Other Storage Solutions That Don’t Make the Cut 

Let’s talk self-storage. This option gives you control, letting you pack

and access your unit whenever you need to as well. It's flexible and can be super convenient, but here's the catch—you do all the heavy lifting. And with summer temps soaring, who wants to spend their time hauling boxes in the sweltering heat? Plus, the rise in theft at these facilities is no joke. A simple padlock might not cut it when a determined thief can break in with ease. If you like the DIY approach, ensure you’re prepared for the extra effort and potential security risks. Also, no matter how they try, it can never be cool enough in those units. 

Then there is portable on-demand storage (PODS). This option brings the storage container right to your doorstep. Load up at your own pace, and when you're ready, the container gets hauled away to a storage facility or your new home. Sure, it’s convenient, but watch out for limited space, placement restrictions, temperatures, pests and rodents, and security. And remember, access to your stuff is going to be limited.

So, Which Storage Solution is the Ultimate Champion

“It really depends on what you are looking for,” says Mark Terry. “But I can tell you what sets us apart. We offer free concierge-style access while your goods are in storage. Our facilities are climate-controlled, providing optimal conditions for preserving belongings, especially during the hot summer months. And, our customers can also rest assured that their belongings are in safe hands as our robust 24/7 security monitoring provides peace of mind, especially now, when concerns about theft and unauthorized access are heightened.”

Why Terry Moving & Storage Is the Top Contender

Mark's got it right! At Terry Moving & Storage, we combine top-notch expertise, stellar professionalism, and unbeatable customer service. New customers score big with our first-month free promotion, plus free shrink wrap and packing supplies to keep everything safe during the move. It's all about minimizing risk and maximizing peace of mind.

Time to Make Your Move

Whether you're relocating or just need safe storage in the OC for your stuff, Terry Moving & Storage has your back. 

Check out for more info, and get your free quote today!

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