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With Terry Moving and Storage you have a team of professional movers who can take care of every aspect of your move for a reasonable price. Storage movers like Terry Moving can make the entire process pressure-free for you! Our movers will pack, move, and store your things, treating them as if they are our own. At Terry Moving and Storage we will take care of your entire relocation and storage from beginning to end, and we will ensure that the possessions you place into storage with us are safe and sound at all times.

Long Distance

Are you planning to move to another state or somewhere else within Orange County? If you are, well, let Terry Moving & Storage assist you and your family. Our movers go through rigorous training process to make ensure the safety of your belongings. Call Terry Moving & Storage today for a fast free moving estimate.

Relocate Anywhere

Besides, having the best team of movers around Orange County and the West Coast, you are guaranteed to get an accurate flat rate moving estimate. As part of your moving estimate, our movers can also include in boxes, tape, and even bubble-wrap. Our movers make sure you have everything you need to make your move go right! You can always count on our local and long-distance movers to pack your belongings securely without any worry.

Professional Service

Simply pick up your phone and schedule your moving estimate today with Terry Moving & Storage. We make sure the rate we give you is highly-competitive. Our movers are here to take the pressure off of you. Start now by dialing (949) 587-9490 to connect with a professional mover within your area.


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